Perfecto Robotics


Systems Integration Services

We provide robotic system integration services for robotic applications including MIG welding, spot welding, dispensing, pick and place, material handling, and many more. We are experienced and proficient in executing various projects with key brands such as Kuka, Fanuc, ABB, Yaskawa (Motoman), Panasonic etc. We generate custom interfaces and logic for making robotic systems leaner, user-friendly and flexible. We also offer efficient programming to cater stability and safety while operating systems.

Cycle Time Study and Optimization Services

Cycle Time, Lead Time, and Takt Time are all approaches to lean manufacturing, a way to measure the efficiency and quality of products and reducing unnecessary disruptions and processes.

We are happy to investigate and provide the data along with potential optimization of process time & implementation of solution.

Robot, PLC, HMI, CNC Programming Services

We have experience in working with controller brands such as Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi and many more. We offer programing services such as

  • Machine control for discrete, batch, and process applications
  • Ladder, structured text, function block, and sequential function chart program paradigms
  • Data collection and operational reporting
  • Vision, robot, and motion system integration
  • Bidirectional PLC-to-PC communications
  • Complex recipe management and order processing

Automation Systems Installation and Commissioning Services

Industrial automation installation requires special technical skills and practical experiences in this field. Our service engineers and trained technicians can take care of such jobs by themselves or supervising local staff. We do offer installation and commissioning service with close co-operation with our contractors. We will install and commission your robotic automation system including all electrical, mechanical, machine and control system elements.

System Retro-fitting, Re-tooling & Relocation Services

Old equipment may be unfamiliar to some, but not to us! We are happy to investigate any issues with legacy automation equipment that you may have. We at Perfecto Robotics will identify the source of your problems and be happy to propose an upgraded solution.It’s important to pay attention to the details and specifics for smoothly relocating your systems and instruments. Every machine relocation is different, therefore individual planning and preparation is required. Perfecto Robotics offers all its services from a single source and ensures that your machine relocation is worry-free and fast with cost effective and improved cycling if required or suggested.